Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More bandwidth!

To cope with the increased traffic associated with adding new projects, new committers, more downloads and a seemingly incessant gain in popularity, we've just added 10 Mbps of permanent throughput capacity (bandwidth, if you prefer) to the eclipse.org infrastructure.

This should help speed things up a bit. I'm in the process of adding the website traffic to the high-priority QoS rule. www.eclipse.org (and all other eclipse.org websites except download.eclipse.org) will be more responsive when our bandwidth is saturated by downloads traffic.

Post a comment on your subjective experience with the eclipse.org website's speed and response time, and where you're located on the globe.


Anonymous Ed Burnette said...

Do you still have that 100Mbps left over from the 3.1 rush or is that gone? What's the current bandwidth?

5:57 AM  

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