Friday, October 07, 2005

Mirror, mirror on the ... list

I got a message from one of our mirrors this morning:
I'm disabling I-* and R-* [builds]. September was the 2nd month at over 7TB transfer, which is significantly over my transfer limit. I'll continue to mirror S-* [builds].

Was fun while it lasted... certainly the biggest webalizer numbers I've ever seen.

Seven Terabytes. 7,168 gigabytes. Seven million megabytes. That's 1500 DVDs, full to the brim. And this is only one mirror out of 35.

Eclipse is gaining in popularity, and fast. Note that this particular mirror isn't even an Update Manager mirror - meaning they only provide the zip files. wasn't saturated until the Update JARs made it to the update site on tuesday morning. Since then, our bandwidth has been pretty much maxed out, despite adding an extra 10 megabits to our permanent link AND despite waiting for Update mirrors to fetch the Update JARs before making them publicly available.

As a side note, I've observed that even in a tech-savvy community like Eclipse, the vast majority of downloaders keep fetching the SDK through plain old http as opposed to using the Bittorrent links. iBiblio reports about 1332 completed downloads for the Win32 SDK, whereas our download stats amount to 145,558 http downloads for the same file.


Anonymous Denis Roy said...

I did solicit many US mirrors and some European ones back in April. I got great response for Europe, not so much from the US.

I agree that a mirrors appreciation page would be great, though.

I'll see what I can do for the SD mirrors.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Yeroc said...

The problem with BitTorrent is that it doesn't work for us behind the firewall at work... I suspect this is the case for many people.

9:21 AM  

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