Friday, December 09, 2005

Helping hands for PlanetEclipse

PlanetEclipse is a great tool for the Eclipse community. It's interesting, often informative and sometimes funny to read. Unfortunately, it's being maintained by the Eclipse Webmaster (Matt and Myself) and we don't have much time to "play" with it -- to add features, to make it prettier, to make it more useful.

In light of Bug 119689 (faces on PlanetEclipse), I opened Bug 119748 requesting some helping hands from our Committer community -- Lo and Behold, Gunnar came to the rescue. Gunnar is very active in the Eclipse community, and I'm sure he'll give us a helping hand in maintaining and improving PlanetEclipse. In fact, Gunnar had set up and hosted the first PlanetEclipse until the Foundation started hosting it on its own servers.

Those who wish to have their Eclipse-related blog added to PlanetEclipse should now open a bug against Community/PlanetEclipse.


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