Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Project Phoenix first look

Our web designer has sent the first draft of the XMTML/CSS code that will go into the new redesign. I've opened bug 111001 (no, not bug 57 for you binary freaks) for you to view the code and comment.

Like a house under construction, some visuals will change - such as the big swooshy search - but it gives you a good idea of where we're headed.

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Better search

The Search engine at gets its fair share of use; unfortunately, the results don't always seem relevant. The search engine itself, although not a Google, is not a bad piece of software in its own right -- it simply has a hard time indexing the entire site with the current configuration. The main problems are:

- There are a bizillion pages on the site, and the indexer is not configured to rank them properly. Currently, the body of a page has (by far) the most weight, and the URL, Title and META tags little to none. With this configuration, a mail archive page containing the word "SWT" 10 times seem more relevant than the SWT home page when simply searching for "SWT".
- The and Infocenters ( sections are currently not indexed, yet those two servers contain valuable information
- the sheer quantity of Mail and News archives pages is astonishing (300,000 and counting), and because of the poor ranking configuration and the natural recurrence of rich keywords within each page, these documents often get top ranks -- yet mean little to the crowd actually using the search engine

To achieve better search results, I've installed the latest version of mnogo, and I've tuned it for the content:

- the title has the most weight, followed my META tags (keywords, description)
- the body comes in next, but much lower
- the URL now plays an important part - a page with "birt" in the URL will rank higher when searching for birt
- page headings, using h1, are now considered as well
- default search will exclude mail and news archives. Most searches are done using generic terms, so those folks looking for a snippet of code buried deep in an archive will know to use an extended search
- a more user-friendly scope for searching: website only, downloads, documentation, archives

The new search engine is currently indexing the site now. It should take another day or two for it to complete. I'll post details when I'm ready for you to give it a test run.

Friday, September 23, 2005

New toys for Eclipse committers

Recent studies* show that committers pound out more code and add more features when they're happy, so we're giving them some new toys to play with.

Up for grabs are e-mail aliases. That's right, why cower behind an "everyone-got-one" gmail address when you can be admired by all for being These aliases will forward e-mail to the address of your choice. Naming convention is Sorry, no sexyeclipsegrrrl17's allowed. Want one? Are you a committer? Then read the thread in bug 110156 first.

Next up are servers for projects. Does your project need a build or application server? Impress your friends by downloading the 100MB+ Eclipse SDK in three seconds flat. We'll give you a Linux server with a shared 3 GHz Xeon, dedicated 512 MB of RAM and 40 GB of disk space, root access and a cool subdomain at (ECF and CDT have already signed up). Offer good while supplies last. See your dealer for details.

These toys are for committers only. Some restrictions apply. Must be 18 years of age or over, or have parental consent. See webmaster for details. * Pure speculation. Totally unfounded and non-scientific. Your mileage may vary.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New CVS repository paths

As explained in bug 107748, new
repository paths have been created. These new paths are pointers to the
physical location of the CVS repositories.

/home/eclipse becomes /cvsroot/eclipse
/home/tools becomes /cvsroot/tools
/home/technology becomes /cvsroot/technology
/home/webtools becomes /cvsroot/webtools
/home/birt becomes /cvsroot/birt
/home/tptp becomes /cvsroot/tptp
/home/datatools becomes /cvsroot/datatools
/home/dsdp becomes /cvsroot/dsdp
/home/cvs/org.eclipse becomes /cvsroot/org.eclipse

Please update your CVS client configuration at your earliest
convenience. As explained in the bug, the current /home repository
locations will continue to work for several months to allow you to
migrate at your own pace.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any comments or suggestions
regarding this, please post them in the bug as I will be posting this
message a bit everywhere and I won't be following each thread.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More bandwidth!

To cope with the increased traffic associated with adding new projects, new committers, more downloads and a seemingly incessant gain in popularity, we've just added 10 Mbps of permanent throughput capacity (bandwidth, if you prefer) to the infrastructure.

This should help speed things up a bit. I'm in the process of adding the website traffic to the high-priority QoS rule. (and all other websites except will be more responsive when our bandwidth is saturated by downloads traffic.

Post a comment on your subjective experience with the website's speed and response time, and where you're located on the globe.