Wednesday, November 30, 2005

How do you misspell Eclipse?

I misspell Eclipse about 10 times a day. Most popular one is Eclispe. I'm obviously not alone: I ran a few searches on the Eclipse website and found some funny results (leaving news and mail archives out):

Eclispe (17)
Eclipes (4)
Eclpise (9)
Eclpse (2)
Eclipe (8) (in the Eclipse Platform API specification??)
Eclise (5)

There are probably hundreds more...

Monday, November 07, 2005

One step further from Exquisitus

In our continuous quest for improving accessibility to content, this morning I removed the password protection from the newsgroup NewsPortal (a.k.a. the Simple Web Interface.)

This couldn't be done until the messages displayed by the NewsPortal were completely SPAM-proofed -- meaning e-mail addresses everywhere in the message were mangled in some way so that they cannot be parsed by spambots. Access to the news server itself,, is still password protected because I don't have an easy way to mangle e-mail addresses.

Bear in mind that some web sites mirror or link to content without this level of protection. EclipseZone, for instance, mirrors many newsgroups in its Forums section, but fails to mangle e-mail addresses in the message body as shown in this message. If you see other websites that mirror content without protecting your privacy, please open a bug against

In the last year, we've managed to remove password protection from mailing list archives, news archives and now from the NewsPortal. One step at a time, we're moving further from Exquisitus.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Phoenix - more than just a pretty face

Project Phoenix is about more than just putting a new face on One of our design goals is to improve usability and access to information.

The Eclipse WebMaster "owns" very little content on the website, but we do own a popular section: the main downloads page. In doing our part to improve usability, I've created a Downloads By Topic page in our sandbox. I've received many e-mails stating that, unless you're familiar with the project structure at Eclipse, finding downloads you're interested in was difficult. This should make it easier by grouping downloads according to a topic, such as Programming Languages, Editors, and Application Development.

The entire page is data-driven. Although the topics are managed by us (WebMaster), committers are free to add projects in any number of topics as they see fit using the Committer Tools site.

I'd like to limit the number of topics to seven. I currently drafted five, and I put a few projects in each topic. Those in the know can suggest generic topics by using this bug: