Friday, December 23, 2005

A virus on Not.

What do you say to someone who sends this e-mail:

Subject: A virus on
I entered "" into Internet Explorer and was connected to the following site:

Is this a virus problem on my computer or have you done it intentionally? I didn't notice this until I installed Eclipse.
This person is convinced that our website makes money with popups and ads, or worse, that Eclipse installed a virus or ad on his computer. And he's not alone, because I've gotten several e-mails like that. So what went wrong? It's called typo-squatting, and you can read about it here. If you look at the above URL carefully, you'll see the ? parameter. This person misspelled as (which happens to me often) and was redirected to an ads site. He confirmed it to me by looking at his browser's history.

It's scary the things people do to make money.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas

The Eclipse committers must have been nice boys and girls this year, because Santa (imagine Mike with a big white beard) gave them plenty throughout the year!

- A second Webmaster to pick on
- Project vservers
- A wiki
- Phoenix to do your website (Without frames!)
- Web site log analyzer tool
- Improved search engine, project docs in, better download stats
- e-mail aliases
- PHP for your project's website, and access to the bugs database using PHP
- No more passwords on archives!
- CVS commit notifications
- Web-based Committer tools
- More bandwidth
- More disk space and CPU power (we can't thank these folks enough)
- Reduced number of passwords (we're not done yet, but we're getting closer to only one userid/password)
- There must be more, but it's hard keep track.

It was a busy year for us Webmaster types, trying to keep up with our Committers' needs, but it was worth every minute of effort. Committers don't get enough appreciation for the hard work they do. Keep up the good work, you guys rock! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Eclipse newsgroups will be down Sunday

I'm trying to post this in as many places I can.. The server will be offline shortly, between 6:00am and 8:00am EDT this Sunday, Dec. 18/05 while I move the news server from its current temp box to another temp box so I can configure the temp box to become a permanent box. Make sense?

The full details are on our Wiki page.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Helping hands for PlanetEclipse

PlanetEclipse is a great tool for the Eclipse community. It's interesting, often informative and sometimes funny to read. Unfortunately, it's being maintained by the Eclipse Webmaster (Matt and Myself) and we don't have much time to "play" with it -- to add features, to make it prettier, to make it more useful.

In light of Bug 119689 (faces on PlanetEclipse), I opened Bug 119748 requesting some helping hands from our Committer community -- Lo and Behold, Gunnar came to the rescue. Gunnar is very active in the Eclipse community, and I'm sure he'll give us a helping hand in maintaining and improving PlanetEclipse. In fact, Gunnar had set up and hosted the first PlanetEclipse until the Foundation started hosting it on its own servers.

Those who wish to have their Eclipse-related blog added to PlanetEclipse should now open a bug against Community/PlanetEclipse.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Getting tough with SPAM

I can deal with SPAM sent to That box gets over 1,000 e-mails per day - some of it is from the servers, some from the committers and the community, and most of it is garbage. But the abuse is getting out of hand:

- sending junk to every mailing list (SPAM gets rejected, but some lists bounce to webmaster)
- sending junk to the mailing list owners (most of the time that goes to webmaster)
- sending e-mail to a list (knowing it will bounce) but using webmaster as the "sender" (or some other address)
- sending e-mail to a list (knowing it will bounce) but using someone at Amazon (or any other domain) as the "sender" - this results in massive mailbombs to (domain) saying "You must subscribe to the list ..."

Something needed to be done -- so I enabled tougher restrictions on senders and recipients, and I enabled BlackLists. We didn't do this in the past because we didn't want to risk missing any e-mails, but we can't afford to go on like this in the e-mail unfriendly world that we know.

If your DNS isn't configured properly, or if you're on the same network as a spammer who's listed on a blacklist, your e-mail may be rejected. It's unfortunate, but that's the world of Internet e-mail.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Phoenix in action

Talk about early adopters. The Mylar site had been using Phoenix in "experimental" mode for some time, but yesterday afternoon, to my surprise, the AJDT project website had been completely updated with the new look.

Although there are some bugs and quirks with the Phoenix layout, I think the Mylar and AJDT project pages look sharp and clean, and I love the small screenshots they put up.

I'd be interested in hearing from the folks at AJDT. Migrating to Phoenix mustn't be a very large burden if they can convert most of their project's website in a matter of hours.