Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Are we doing a good job?

With millions? of users, 600+ committers in 50+ projects, 13 servers, 10 co-workers and 1 boss to report to/manage/take-care-of/help/assist, we WebMasters think we're doing a good job of keeping eclipse.org running smooth and fast, while maintaing a decent level of security and responding to requests for new infrastructure features or changes in a timely fashion.

Do you agree? Are we doing a decent job? Cast your vote now:


You WILL get a 404 Page not found for both links. Innovative polling, no? We'll gather the responses from our Apache logs tomorrow and post the results. Feel free to open Bugs with your comments, suggestions or infrastructure enhancement requests!

[Updated to specify it's the WebMasters looking for feedback]


Anonymous Mike Milinkovich said...

There is definitely something ironic about a webmaster doing a poll that uses 404's as the measure of success.

11:18 AM  

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