Friday, February 10, 2006

A community that listens

We get these e-mails all the time:
im trying to build a new plugin, but the plugin state is not saved. After i read the help, which by the way is bullsh1t, i still dont have a clue how to make the plugin remeber its state. Can you, please, send me some info on the exact plugin setup!

When we get mail like this, we usually refer the sender to a newsgroup, in this case to the eclipse.newcomer or the eclipse.platform newsgroup. I also offered this particular fellow some help to post better documentation if he wished to write some up. Most often, they answer back, surprised that someone actually read their question and offered help.

And we're not the only ones listening - quickly browsing through the Eclipse newsgroups reveals thousands of posts by our committers and contributors lending a helping hand in a way no one else can: they actually wrote the software, and they're helping others use and extend it.

It's fun to see everyone chip in and help. An enthusuastic "you rock!" to everyone who spends countless hours reading and answering messages on the newsgroups!


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