Thursday, February 16, 2006

Free beer at EclipseCon?

In light of the Eclipse Community Awards free beer propaganda, I've compiled a list of individuals to whom I likely owe a Free Beer at EclipseCon. Here goes:

1. Gunnar Wagenknect. This guy is so helpful, whether reassigning bugs that don't belong to me, assigning bugs to me that should be, proposing solutions when others open Infrastructure bugs and helping maintain It's like having an extra set of hands.

2. Chris Aniszczyk: For all the work on PlanetEclipse, and for his great involvement in the community.

3. Kim & Sonia on the Platform Releng team: for working with us to make sure a release doesn't send me to the nuthouse.

4. Mike Milinkovich: call me a brownnoser if you must, but Mike deserves credit for working tirelessly and for being open to what others have to say. A great boss in every respect, if only for the fact that he's never in the office ;)

On the other hand, the following individuals likely owe ME a beer:

1. Bjorn Freeman-Benson: this guy can instantly make you feel understaffed. We sometimes see him as "300 committers suddenly wanting something." I actually think he's a program. No human can be as multitasking as him.

2. David and Naci on webtools: I did so much work for these guys, they probably owe me a case :)

3. Pascal Rapicault: for opening bugs in a language that is foreign to me, despite that being English. He probably means well, I just don't know what he means.

4. Chris Aniszczyk: He never manages to spell my name correctly. It's Denis, Chris, not Dennis. (Someone should tell him that his last name is no walk in the park ;)

So there. Come see me at EclipseCon for your Free Beer (or lemonade).


Anonymous zx said...

Damnit, that's not fair, I get cancelled out :(

7:08 AM  

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