Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Thumbs up for WebMasters!

Yesterday I ran a very sophisticated poll asking you if us WebMasters were doing a good job. We got an overwhelming response! Here's how you voted:

http://www.eclipse.org/thumbs-up-for-webmasters/: 142 votes

http://www.eclipse.org/thumbs-down-for-webmasters/: 23 votes

Thumbs-down from googlebot: 3 (*sigh* there ain't no pleasing them)

We recognized a few friends who took the time to vote, and some others got very crafty. My favorite is this one:

Thanks, guys! You know, you could have sent us an e-mail to say that :-)

It was fun to notice that the overwhelming majority use Firefox (115) and a few *nix users (15).

Thanks to everyone who participated!


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