Sunday, March 19, 2006

Eclipse: not just for breakfast anymore

I was unfortunate to have a middle seat on the flight to EclipseCon. Fortunately, I met Ralph and Scott. Ralph heads up a development team in Connecticut, and their tool of choice is ... Eclipse. Ralph is attending EclipseCon because he wants to get a kick-start on RCP technologies. The next generation of Business Management software he helps develop is to be based on RCP.

On the other hand, Scott admitted to not going to EclipseCon. He was headed to the Game Developers Conference 2006 but 30 minutes in flight, he fired up his laptop to do some serious Python hacking, using -- you guessed it -- Eclipse. He uses Eclipse with Python plugins for developing prototypes and in scripted sequences. He promised me he'd try to attend EclipseCon next year .


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