Monday, March 20, 2006 is b-u-s-y

We knew EclipseCon would be a popular event this year, so we set up a local mirror server here in the conference center for downloads and presentation attachments. This server helps speed things up here at the conference, and alleviate bandwidth use at

Despite doing this, at its peak usage, our website was hosting 3,082 concurrent HTTP connections. I've never seen it so high. For those who aren't aware, HTTP connections are very short -- once you've downloaded the web page (or file) you requested, the connection is terminated until you request another. Having 3,000+ connections right now means there are a lot of people on the site -- likely many, many more than 3,000. To compare, the EclipseCon local mirror saw a maximum of 52 concurrent HTTP connections at its peak.

Fortunately we have 80 gigs of RAM over in Ottawa for this ;)


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