Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bugzilla replacement?

I was doing some bug triage today, and I kept stumbling on bugs that involve Bugzilla itself - enhancements, bugs, feature requests, you name it. Then I ran a query to list all the bugs in the Bugzilla component. Seems there are a number of ways Bugzilla could be improved, but it also brings up this question: is Bugzilla still the best tool we can use? Or perhaps should we stop using a vanilla Bugzilla, and simply customize it to meet Eclipse's needs. Or better yet, perhaps Bugzilla can become a part of Project Phoenix, where we start tackling the Bugzilla enhancements and bugs ourselves, and then submit the code patches to the Bugzilla committers so that they merge them into the next Bugzilla release.

Mike Milinkovich sums it up pretty good here. What do you think? Feel free to post comments here in my blog, or in the bug. Or better yet, if you've always wanted to contribute to Eclipse but felt you're not the Java guru you could be, hacking the Bugzilla issues that committers consider important would certainly be A Good Thing :)


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