Friday, May 05, 2006

New toys for committers

The Foundation has been doing its best to provide its beloved committers with the tools they need to get their job done [except for a stable database, which seems like an impossible task for us]. Today, our fearless leader Mike approved the purchase of an additional server for project Virtual Servers.

Although larger projects are often backed by large corporations, the smaller projects are often not as fortunate, and lack the resources needed to implement and run a build and test infrastructure. Some time ago, we were handing out Virtual Servers for smaller projects - essentially, dedicated server resources, with a direct connection to the cluster, that can be used to run builds, produce tests, display performance results, and all that fun stuff. Several projects seized the opportunity: CDT, EMFT, AJDT, ECF and a few others. In fact, these VServers were so popular that we quickly exhausted the few slots we had made available.

So an HP Proliant DL360 is on its way, equipped with 4 GB of RAM and a couple of 300GB SCSI disks. These little boxes don't stand a chance in the cluster, but pack a good punch and make great build/test machines and small web servers. New VServers will be available soon for our projects, and Phoenix will likely be getting one.

If these new toys help our committers in anyway, it just has to be money well spent! ;)


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