Friday, May 05, 2006

Wiki for everyone - Part II

It finally happened. The Eclipse Wiki is now open for edits to any Eclipse Bugzilla registered user. This will allow anyone in the community to contribute content at any level.

We tied the Wiki to Bugzilla because we know how painful it is to maintain usernames and passwords for a bizillion sites, and we didn't want to make things worse by adding Yet Another Authentication. A Bugzilla plugin for MediaWiki was non-existent (from what we could tell) so we had to write one up.

It was quite simple, actually - MediaWiki allows for authentication plugins, and we were already using an LDAP plugin to allow committers to login to Wiki using their committer id. We simply hacked a Bugzilla plugin to do what we needed.

In the spirit of giving back, I'll be submitting the source to MediaWiki and to Mozilla as it could be useful to others, and I'll post the source on a Wiki page.


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