Monday, June 12, 2006

Callisto bandwidth - how much will it cost?

Last year, when Eclipse 3.1 was released, we added our own mirror server with a dedicated 100 Mbps Internet connection to ease the bandwidth problems we were having. At the time, Ed Burnette and many others could only guess as to how much it costs to enable this, and this year we're adding 240 Mbps of bandwidth to our regular connection. So how much does it cost?

Two words: a lot. Each 100 Mbps connection requires one firewall and one switch port, and each connection is doubled up through two routers for failover (don't underestimate the monthly costs of using expensive Cisco router ports). Then there's bandwidth. Although we get volume discounts on bandwidth usage (the more we use, the cheaper each Mbps is) it adds up really fast when you're sustaining 150+ Mbps.

In other words, Callisto won't be free. But it will be free for you and I, and thanks goes to the Eclipse Foundation members. This is a good example of how their membership dues are used to help support the projects.


Anonymous Scott Carlson said...

What about only allowing bittorrent downloads for the first N days, then allowing direct downloads after that. I would think that would be pretty reasonable...

7:40 AM  

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