Friday, June 30, 2006

Callisto: the day that just flew by

About 20 (if not more?) committers showed up for the Callisto celebration at the foundation offices Friday afternoon. It was nice to see everyone, and I met a few committers I hadn't met before. Everyone anxiously waited for us to press the Big Button - the one that makes the release files available to the download servers -- but we played it cautiously and waited for a few mirrors to sync up.

Despite the release delays, a last minute break happened earlier in the morning when I got an e-mail from Neil at Georgia Tech saying "we're now an Eclipse mirror and we're up to date". Way cool -- these guys have loads of bandwidth, and I had asked them to become a mirror months ago. The same university gave us a second break in the afternoon, when they said "Callisto, huh? Need some help?". They were the first USA mirror with all the files.

So this year, despite a few hours of delays, it all went off without a hitch. Lots of planning and testing went into making sure the bits were easy to get to once released. peaked at about 215 Mbps late in the afternoon.

The following people are way cool: David Williams for being tireless; Platform Releng for beer; Neil at for being a saviour; John at iBiblio (I owe this guy a beer - thanks again for the torrents); Pascal for the humour; Mike, Wayne and Nate for guidance, testing and moral support, and last but not least, Matt, for coming up with the best ideas when I needed them most.

Update: link to iBiblio was wrong


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