Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Eclipse CVS snapshots now available

We've had a couple of requests from folks who want to download entire CVS snapshots for analysis. We've made them available here: http://archive.eclipse.org/arch/

These snapshots are generated weekly, and the Eclipse project alone will yield you a 3 GB+ download, and require about 6 GB of disk space once uncompressed. This archive contains every version, revision, tag, branch and comment from every commit since the beginning of Eclipse time.

Of course, the uncompressed result is a CVS structure of RCS-encoded files (file.ext,v) that is usable by a cvs server, or the CVS command-line utility. If you need to analyze the Eclipse CVS repositories, this is the best way to go about it (as opposed to banging on our ViewCVS interface! Don't do it! Just don't!)

We'll also make the raw Bugzilla databases available at some point, as folks frequently request them (and also hammer on Bugzilla one bug at a time! Don't do it! Just don't). Our concern here is to remove e-mail addresses and user passwords from the tables before zipping them up.


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