Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How much are mirror sites worth?

250,000 $CAD per year.

That's a million dollars every four years. Heck, with these savings, the Foundation could buy me a new Porsche every quarter. Wouldn't that be awesome.

Yesterday was Mirror Appreciation Day -- we disabled sending traffic to our mirror sites to test our setup for the upcoming Callisto event. Also to give our mirrors a break. But mostly to test.

I ended up concluding that, without mirror sites...

- we'd be spending an extra $250,000/year in bandwidth alone
- we'd sustain about 1200 Apache sessions on any given day, instead of 400
- we'd need to purchase additional highend firewalls and switches

Until each popular browser includes a built-in bittorrent client, mirror sites will continue to be budget savers for communities like ours.


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