Monday, June 19, 2006

Mirror site appreciation day - June 20, 2006 !

I'm declaring tomorrow, June 20 as "Mirror Site Appreciation" day. Why?

- Mirror sites provide valuable resources (bandwidth, servers, SysAdmins) for the entire community. Without them, getting Eclipse would be infinitely harder, so I thought that their precious contributions should be acknowledged in a special way.

- I need to test our servers and infrastructure to make sure they are ready for the Callisto onslaught next week.

To accomplish both goals, we will (attempt) to handle *all* of our download traffic for the entire day (why do I do this to myself???). As I understand it, this hasn't been attempted since the late Eclipse 2.x releases, back in the days when Eclipse didn't have any mirrors at all.

Oh, and I reserve the right to chicken-out of this insanity at any time during the day if I feel we can't handle it. Happy downloading!


Anonymous Ryan Lowe said...

Hey Denis, I'm enjoying your blog posts! It's an interesting perspective.

Has interacting with the community with a blog had a positive impact for you, or is it just as effective communication channel as bugzilla reports? After blogging for a few months, do you personally think it's worth the time?

Good luck getting through Callisto! It looks like you're well prepared, but I FedEx'd you a case of very strong coffee. ;)

8:16 AM  

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