Thursday, September 28, 2006

Quality of Service - what would we do without it!

Eclipse 3.2.1 was just released to the Grand Public, and our bandwidth is now maxed out - as usual. Luckily our network infrastructure is configured with elaborate Quality of Service (QoS) rules, meaning CVS, Bugzilla and our websites get priority access to outgoing bandwidth. Downloads get stuck at the end of the queue with whatever's left.

To test this in action, I use my 5 Mbps cable connection at home and wget (also available for that other OS). I'm usually good for 550 KB/s downloads from when we're not saturated, so let's see what happens.

Test 1: download an SDK from from using wget (no QoS):
bash-3.00$ wget
[snip ] 66.12K/s

Test 2: download a large file from (with QoS):
bash-3.00$ wget
[snip] 476.67K/s

Same servers, same Internet connection, different packet priority == fast website, CVS and Bugzilla (as fast as Bugzilla can be) even when we're overloaded with download requests. How neat is that?


Anonymous Doug Schaefer said...

Great work guys! I still remember the days when we had to pretty much work on other things right after a release since CVS and bugzilla access was slow and flaky. At the time we thought it was cool that so many people were killing the link. But it did eventually get annoying. Now, you don't even notice...

2:33 AM  

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