Monday, October 30, 2006

Talking to live humans

Some folks send an e-mail to, thinking no one will ever read it. It's always funny to read their reaction when they do get a reply:

"Oh, I didn't think anyone would actually read this."

"Thank you for your helpfulness and quick replies. That was really professional, I appreciate it."

We do read every e-mail that comes in to the Webmaster box, and we try to be as helpful as we can, even if it means sending the inquiring user off to the newsgroups. When I send an enquiries to [webmaster|info|etc]@somesite, I find it hard to understand that I'm being placed in the "IGNORE" queue, because replying to a user's request isn't difficult, nor is it all that time consuming.


Anonymous Gunnar said...

Actually, this could be a killer for a company's business. I found a broken web page recently and mailed the My mail got rejected (user unknown) and the website is still broken. Maybe they don't want to make business?

4:53 AM  

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