Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Eclipse is Us! Time for Junior Jobs?

I'll jump on the "Eclipse is You" bandwagon, but I'll propose a new theme: can Eclipse be Us instead of just You?

The common message I've been reading in the past few posts is that "You don't do enough". You committers don't do enough, You users don't do enough and You foundation people don't do enough. It's a given -- everyone has limited time, resources and budget, but has endless amounts of work and open bugs. But despite all the discussion, no one has brought any real solutions to the table, other than "You should do more", which is pretty open-ended.

Enter bug 168513, where Frederic suggest Eclipse Committers look at creating Junior Jobs, something KDE already does. Here's the paraphrased concept:
"I'm an Eclipse committer and I think Bug 123456 is pretty simple to do.
Just a (simple, small thing) which uses a couple of calls from (this API).
So simple that it'd fit very well somebody who'd like to start doing
Eclipse development. So simple that I don't want to spend my time on
it, doing the actual coding and testing and all that, and if I'd have
to it'd be probably better spent time if I helped somebody new to do it."
Looking at KDE's bugzilla, there are 137 RESOLVED Junior Jobs bugs.

Eclipse's Bugzilla already has a helpwanted keyword, where committers flag a bug to indicate that they're looking for help from the community. Could another flag, called juniorjobs, or JJ, be created, so that committers can clearly identify small, simple bugs/features that could be easily fixed by the community, or a budding junior developer? Doing so could perhaps liberate some time for the committers to work on bigger stuff.

A perfect example of a JJ bug would be this one: bug 159459.

What do you think? Post your comments on bug 168513.


Anonymous Eugene Kuleshov said...

Denis, if you look at open bugs in Eclipse Bugzilla, 5% of them have patches attached! It is a really big number. But I can understand that committers may have more important things to do and I was not refferring to those issues as most problematic. The bigger trouble is the issues that require effort between several projects and even between several vendors. That is where Foundation could do better job and provide global vision and the guidance for all Eclipse members and vendors.

9:59 AM  

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