Tuesday, December 19, 2006

SLES 10 Upgrades: done! So what happens now?

This quarter we Webmasters have been focusing our attention on upgrading our servers to SLES 10 - SuSE Linux Entreprise Server 10. We were running SLES 9 before and needed to move to the new release for two important reasons: MySQL 5.0 and PHP 5. Apache 2.2 was a nice bonus, as well as a new kernel and a host of new software.

Our plan was carefully laid out and we followed it pretty religiously. All in all, everything went well, except the MySQL 5.0 upgrade. I didn't do my homework before the upgrade and so I managed to mess it up, although when using an Entreprise OS I would have assumed the process would have been less painful (as it was for PHP4 -> PHP5). It was my fault.

But it's done. Finished. All our software is up-to-date, and we have no other planned upgrades. Despite the small glitches here-and-there, the upgrade was pretty painless and we didn't have any outages (except a few minutes while MySQL was being naughty). SLES is truly a solid product, and having never worked with SuSE until I started with working at the Foundation, it has earned my respect.

So now what? Oh yeah, now I can get back to all the bugs that are waiting for me in bugzilla - maybe even those that I CANTBEARSED about ;) (someone needs to define CANTBEARSED in Wikipedia...)


Anonymous AlBlue said...

:-) Good job on getting the SLES10 upgrade done, anyway.

By the way, CBA was a well-used acronym by us at university to describe all manner of things ;-)

12:26 PM  

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