Monday, January 30, 2006

Abusers: get a life

So I glance over at the server monitor and notice that our secondary server's load average is at 647.23.

"Oh Crap"

Expecting some kind of hardware failure, I log in to the box only to notice it's the website's search engine database that's being pounded on. After finding and blocking the offending IP address in 1.3 second (it was kinda easy to spot) I whipped off an abuse e-mail to Time Warner Telecom, registered owners of the IP address' netblock. Oddly enough, the offending IP address maps not to APNIC (where most of our attacks come from) but to what appears to be a large Financial institution that "Make dreams come true", "protect families" and "secure future".

So this IP address issued a search for xdoclet-1.2.1.jar -- 7257 times. If anyone knows where to find this file, please let me know so I can tell them -- apparently they're looking for it. In the interim, I had to block their IP from accessing our site.

I'm not sure why these abuses and attacks occur -- especially when you're running a site that gives software and code for free. It's beyond me.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How to get the Webmaster to do something

Technique developed by: Eclipse Committers.
Works best with: cool stuff
Keywords: Intimidation by numbers

1. Open a bug
2. Wait patiently.
3. If a month goes by without any action, talk to dozens of coworkers
4. Get coworkers to add themselves as CC to the bug, but without adding comments. Webmaster gets a dozen e-mails and feels the tension as the crowd gathers quietly.
5. Offer bribes. Beer usually works. Fudge? Maybe. The rest? Can't promise.
6. Sit back and watch Webmaster reel.

Of course it has to be something cool. In this case, I'll look into it in the morning :)

Friday, January 13, 2006

New Face(s) on PlanetEclipse!

I just migrated to its new look, designed by Chris Aniszczyk. Besides the fresh new look (you folks pulling the RSS feeds are missing out!) Chris added cool faces. I'm not showing you my ugly mug, but if you want to send us your face, we'll look into putting it up. Attach it to this bug:

Many thanks to Chris and Gunnar for redesigning PlanetEclipse, and for their help in keeping the site up-to-date. It looks great!

Giving a helping hand

If you think the Eclipse newsgroups are getting busier, you're right. The Web Interface is password-free and our NNTP news server, often inaccessible from firewalled networks, is now accessible on the commonly open port 80.

To help limit the number of offtopic posts in topic-specific groups, we're been promoting the eclipse.newcomers newsgroup more aggressively on our website so that new Eclipse users can seek guidance and ask generic questions about Eclipse usage in general. This group, however, isn't restricted to the Eclipse project, and proof of this are the various Birt, WebTools, VE and C questions that occasionally show up.

I'd like to invite everyone to check it out; give someone a helping hand if you can, or if the question is too specific about something, to kindly redirect them to the appropriate group. The whole community will thank you for it!

Web Interface to the Eclipse Newcomers group.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

What's up with's site ranks?

A few short months ago, I remember seeing ranked in the 12,000 range at Alexa. Right now we're at 4,885. What a jump! I guesstimate that there are a few million sites tracked at Alexa.

Keep in mind that the Alexa toolbar, which I suspect is the tool that populates the data for the site ranks, is only available for MSIE. That's unfortunate, because it skews the data of sites like, where more than 25% of if its visitors use an alternate browser.

At this rate, will be in the top-2000 by the end of summer! We can do it!

Netcraft also shows us at 2790, up from 5000+ a few months ago.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Big Blue's Ottawa bet

I found this in today's Ottawa Citizen. Despite some inaccuracies, it's an interesting read about IBM's presence in Ottawa, Eclipse and other stuff.

"Mr. White said IBM has recognized nine Canadian software developers as distinguished engineers. Four are in Ottawa: Greg Adams, John Duimovich, Bran Selic and Dave Thomson.

A key project is the Eclipse open-source software, a new tool developed in Ottawa and now widely used by IBM, its collaborators and competitors. For more than a generation, IBM has been working on alternative open-source forms of software to fight Microsoft. It is a key supporter of open-source software such as the Linux operating system."