Friday, August 04, 2006

Now THAT's dedication

Janet drove into work the other day with her new car: a 2003 Eclipse Spyder similar to this one (a red convertible model).

She works and drives Eclipse. We're not worthy.

Rumour has it that she only chews Eclipse gum, too. No word yet on her acquisition of an Eclipse plane.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

SLES 10 is out!

SLES (Suse Linux Entreprise Server) 10 was released recently, and no one is happier than I. Novell has once again generously donated activation codes for all our servers, and I'm downloading the ISO images now. I'm hoping to start upgrading our SLES 9 servers in September. Thanks to our redundant cluster setup, I expect the server updates to be totally invisible to the community.

The neat thing about SLES is that we're able to run the same OS on all our servers (we run just about every server architecture known -- Power5's on the backends, Itanium2's for the cluster nodes, x86_64 for other stuff, and a few plain x86 boxes here and there) so deploying updates is quick and painless, and management is greatly simplified.

New features in SLES 10 that really interest me are:
  • MySQL 5 (a much-needed update for our database servers)
  • OCFS2 (Oracle clustered filesystem - looks promising)
  • Apache 2.2 (our beloved web server)
  • PHP 5.1 (this is going to hurt us on Phoenix)
  • NFSv4
  • Xen 3.0 (a virtualization environment)
  • Novell's AppArmor (Mandatory Access Controls - similar to SElinux)
We're already using Xen under Fedora Core 5 for the project vservers, and so far it has been good to us. AppArmor is, from what I understand, a Novell "product", but they have recently released the source code under the GPL.