Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More power for

We just added more power to more CPU power and more bandwidth.

As I blogged previously, we received a fifth node server for the cluster and it should be in service today to help take its share of the load. We added this fifth node not because we needed more processing power now, but because a) more power helps us cope with the very infrequent but always annoying Denial Of Service attacks and b) with only four nodes, if one node was offline for whatever reason, running on only three nodes was risky. Technically, can run on only three Itanium node servers as configured; however, should one fail, our site would crumble with only two in service. Having five node servers means we can still keep running with up to two nodes down.

Our cluster handles all of our website traffic, including, all CVS connections, RSYNC connections for mirrors, and e-mail.

We also added 10 Mbps of permanent bandwidth, putting our cap at 70 Mbps. We're no longer under constant saturation.

The new server and the added bandwidth should carry us well into 2008 -- or so I hope. Enjoy!


Anonymous AlBlue said...

Cool. Glad it made it into service. Going to present a short talk at EclispeCon about how the whole Eclipse infrastructure hangs together by any chance?

8:38 AM  

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