Monday, February 12, 2007

It's "busy season" for Eclipse IT.

The Eclipse IT team (Karl, Matt and myself) are entering our yearly busy season. Not surprisingly, it coincides with EclipseCON and the upcoming Eclipse Release Train (Europa) in June, as both those events will deliver severe beatings to our server infrastructure.

EclipseCON will draw tons of visitors to our site, as the excitement of the event will lead to new visitors (from all the exposure and press), lots of curiosity (people will try new things) and a bijillion downloads.

The Eclipse Release Train is huge, meaning we must come prepared with finely tuned servers and loads of additional bandwidth. But we'll also be busy in the months leading up to the release of all the 18 projects, as Milestone and Release Candidate builds generate lots of traffic to our site, and people flock to Bugzilla to report/update bugs. CVS also takes a beating as hundreds of committers checkin their code and run builds 'round-the-clock.

Of course, during busy season, our systems need to be stable and fast for everything to work smoothly. It's not always easy -- lately, we've been dealing with important services that just die on us, and the seldom-but-annoying hardware failure -- but we have good strategies in place to ensure that these glitches are as transparent and unnoticeable as possible.


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