Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Talk about being open

Bjorn has been posting a few blogs about the nuances between open source and open development, transparency and woolies. Okay, maybe not woolies. But being open and transparent is something that we strive for at the Foundation, as we try to use Bugzilla, newsgroups and mailing lists for as much communication that we can.

Take this bug, for instance, where Sharon Corbett notifies us webmasters that new committer accounts need to be created. While she's at it, she also tells us about one committer account that needs to be deactivated.

Sharon used to send an e-mail to webmaster, but recently, we figured these requests should be made in the open: anyone can have a small viewport into our process, and even query the status of the request. At the same time, it adds the benefits of traceability and accountability to the process - we know who requested what, who responded to the request and how the request was fulfilled (and when).


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