Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Europa: 30 days and counting

I've been quite busy lately with various things that I'm not seeing time go by. Quick glances at the server monitors shows heavy CVS activity, and Bugzilla is taking a heavier beating than usual. That smells like an ... an upcoming... RELEASE. Or worse, 20 releases.

Unlike last year's Callisto, which (only) included 10 projects, this year's Europa means 21 projects will be releasing new software at the same time. New releases from heavyweight projects like the CDT, WebTools and Eclipse itself are major events here in Eclipseland, so you can imagine the chaos of releasing 21 projects at the same time as our site struggles to keep up with hundreds of thousands of download requests.

This is like having Apache release a new httpd, Tomcat, Lucene, and a bunch of other projects at the same time. Or Mozilla releasing new major versions of Firefox and Thunderbird at the same time.

Luckily for us webmasters, we have last year's Callisto experience to lead us through Europa this year. Although more bandwidth and tweaked TCP stacks will be important for us this year, the key players in ensuring a smooth distribution of files will be our mirror sites -- without them, getting your bits would be infinitely more difficult (or expensive).

30 days to Europa - let the games begin.


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