Monday, June 18, 2007

Europa committer celebrations

Europa is only 11 days away, and now is the time to start planning the celebrations. Last year, I invited committers in the Ottawa area to join me at the Foundation's offices for some snacks and, uh... "orange juice" to celebrate the Callisto release. Kim suggests we repeat the celebrations this year (the last line of this document is quite subtle) and I'm sure I can convince Mike to allow me to spend a few dollars on Pizza and beverages.

If we have a get-together at the Foundation office again this year, I promise to make the release more exciting than just watching me type a command and commit a file, but I'm open for suggestions: what do the Ottawa committers want to do to celebrate?


Anonymous Doug Schaefer said...

I dunno, "beverages" and pizza sound great. I thought it was just a great excuse for the Ottawa-based committers to get together which we don't do often enough.

10:40 AM  

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