Friday, June 22, 2007

Mirror site appreciation day - June 25, 2007 !

I'm declaring Monday, June 25 as "Mirror Site Appreciation" day.

I just got a call from our ISP saying our extra Gigabit connection has just been plugged in, and I need to test it to be ready for the Europa release on June 29. Actually, I don't need to test the connection itself -- I need to test our servers, switches (and our ISP's routers). One thing learned from last year's Callisto is that any server can saturate a Gigabit connection when only a handful of clients are accessing it. Things get infinitely more complicated when thousands of clients pour in, requesting a whole bunch of files.

So, how do we test this? Easy! We disable all our mirror sites and handle *all* of our download traffic. On Monday, when you go to to download something, use your best Matrix voice and remember that "there is no mirror".

As was the case last year, I reserve the right to chicken-out of this insanity at any time during the day if I feel we can't handle it. Happy downloading!


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