Friday, June 15, 2007

More bandwidth for Europa

I just placed the order for more bandwidth to handle the Europa demand -- not a moment too soon, as the many builds and testing phases happening right now are putting a strain on bandwidth. In addition to our regular 100Mb connection, we're going Gigabit for the additional bandwidth. But before you get all excited and think that will be blazing fast, we'll be limiting the Gigabit connection to 200Mb to keep costs reasonable. The fun part here is that we can simply increase the 200Mb limit as we see fit, if demand exceeds supply.

Like last year's Callisto, we'll be providing our mirror sites with dedicated access to the files before they are generally available. This is for two reasons: 1. so that our site doesn't crumble from the pressure of being alone with Europa, and 2. so that the first mirrors to report having the Europa files don't have to carry all the burden of being the only mirror sites out there. Pre-loading the mirrors just makes sense.

Europa is coming -- 15 days to go!


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