Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New toys for committers

I haven't been giving our beloved Committers as many toys as in the past (new sites, new apps, new tools, etc.), and I feel bad. Last year I'd give out new toys every other month!

Well, here's a new toy for them: Blogs. In response to bug 179857, I set up a wpmu site on the Eclipse servers to host Committer and project blogs. It took me a while to hack this into something we can use, as it had to authenticate against the Bugzilla database, it had to differentiate committers from non-committers and it had to look like the rest of our site. The wpmu code isn't what I consider great, so that only added to the complexity of playing around in it.

Next month (after Europa is released and things calm down a bit) we'll also be implementing new versions of old toys, such as Bugzilla 3.0. It's a big upgrade, and I'm sure the committers will love that one.

Oh, and beer. I'll be giving them beer. And pizza. That counts for a lot, doesn't it?


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