Monday, June 25, 2007

Ready for Europa

This morning I de-listed all our mirror sites so I can test our shiny new bandwidth capacity. It's not permanent, though -- the additional 230 megabits are to support the large demand for Europa. By the end of August, all that new bandwidth will be taken (pried) away from me.

The test was successful, as we managed to saturate all the new bandwidth, and we were able to sustain all our downloads without any mirrors -- for about an hour and a half. At one point, our IBM megaserver was pumping out 162 megabits all by itself, serving well over 2100 clients without any effort at all. We maxed out our entire 300 megabits within an hour of delisting all the mirror sites.

After about 30 minutes of hitting the saturation point, reaching a peak of 3600 http clients, I re-enabled our mirror sites once again. Our testing was successful, our servers and switching gear was still alive and well, and we were serving all we possibly could with 300 megabits, so to keep up this insanity was simply pointless.

Conclusion: we're ready for the Europa onslaught, but only if our mirrors are present and ready to help (as they always are). There is simply no way we can handle Europa on our own with only 300 megabits.


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