Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Spamming Bugzilla

This morning, a computer in Russia was used to post SPAM attachments to our Bugzilla system. The fun part is that, because Bugzilla doesn't allow anonymous posting, one must go through the trouble of registering for a Bugzilla account using a valid e-mail address, check their e-mail for the Bugzilla confirmation, log in, and then attach their SPAM. Certainly there are easier targets, and this likely explains why we don't get too much SPAM on Bugzilla.

Within a few minutes of the first attachment, three committers sent an e-mail to the webmaster box. Upon seeing the subject line in my e-mail popup, I dropped everything to quickly disable the Bugzilla account, block the Russian subnet on our firewall, then remove the offending attachments and comments.

So this loser spammer just spent a good chunk of time doing all this, and in the end, for what? To advertise which porn web sites? See for yourself.

Loser. Go away.


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