Friday, July 27, 2007

Europa: 1 million downloads

Last year's Callisto proved to be a huge success, as we registered 1 million downloads in only 40 days.

This year's Europa has made Callisto look like an ant among elephants. I ran some stats yesterday, and we have already registered 1.3 million downloads less than 30 days after the Europa release. The new Eclipse Packages featured on the downloads page are a huge success, accounting for more than double the number of classic SDK downloads.

Here are some more interesting numbers:

Eclipse Europa Package downloads: 870,000
Eclipse classic SDK downloads: 430,000 (Win32: 360,000; Linux: 54,000; Mac OS X: 14,000)

Peak bandwidth usage: 250 megabits/second
Total bytes transferred to the Internet in July: 22 TB.


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