Thursday, July 05, 2007

Europa committer celebrations

Last Friday a bunch of Ottawa committers stopped by the Foundation's offices for Pizza and Beer, to celebrate a Job Well Done with the release of Europa. More people showed up than I expected, and I eventually ran out of both Pizza and Beer. Luckily Kim brought some delicious brownies and Strongbow cider, as well as a couple of bottles of pop (which no one touched).

Throughout these pictures, I'll do my best to identify everyone I know.

Here we see Boris, surprised by the camera. In the background, Kim Moir and Sonia Dimitrov (the Platform Releng superteam) are discussing vacation plans, as Kim Horne listens in.

In this picture we see CDT Megaman Doug Schaefer, and Platform uber-dude Mike Wilson (McQ) talking with our very own Lynn Gayowski. To the center, John Arthorne (another Eclipse uber-dude) is discussing while Pascal Rapicault (an Eclipse hero in his own right) and Steve Gutz (TPTP) have two conversations at one. Tom waits patiently for the Pizza to arrive.

Plenty of Eclipse celebrities adorn this picture. Top left: Smart guys Wayne Beaton, Boris Bokowski and Jeff McAffer talk about stuff I can't even begin to understand, while Tod Creasey and Simon (I couldn't remember his name!) trade top-secret information (I think). The bottom right pictures Andrew Niefer and John talking. Not one of these people actually wore a party hat.

Alexander Keith and John Sleeman, both standing tall and proud. Some of Canada's finest, depending on who you talk to.

Pizza was a huge success, as expected. The room was even more crowded than this at one point, and I kept asking Janet to crank up the air conditioning. This picture is also packed with such superstars as Janet Campbell (the keeper of the IP par excellence), Matt Ward (our trusty webmaster), Michael Valenta (Platform Team and CVS guru) and Pascal Rapicault (fellow French-speaking person).

After the Pizza, Lynn and I hosted a trivia contest. Jeff McAffer knew the most answers, but was quickly disqualified for simply 'knowing too much'. I think we gave him a golf shirt anyway, just because. John Arthorne took top-spot, taking home a slick Eclipse Golf shirt, along with other trivia winners: Boris Bokowski, Tod Creasey, Pascal Rapicault, Jeff McAffer and Nick Edgar.

Once everyone left, Mike proceeded to our office to get the rundown on how the actual release went. He seems quite pleased that all went well. Mike doesn't always dress like that to come to work.

It was a fun afternoon.


Anonymous Wassim Melhem said...

Thanks for the pics.

I have not seen so many fashion faux-pas assembled in one place since... EclipseCon :)

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Kim Moir said...

Denis, thanks for organizing the party it was a lot of fun. Given the large number of committers that showed up maybe we could have it in a larger venue next year :-)

Also, perhaps we could walk the red carpet in advance and have our apparel critiqued on the inaugural edition of "Wassim's What Not to Wear".

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Denis Roy said...

We'll definitely need to do this elsewhere next year... But the tight confines of our small office do make for a personal get-together :)

I'd like to see Wassim show up next year so we can judge his threads.

12:03 PM  

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