Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mylyn popularity == busy Bugzilla

All morning I have been watching our servers glow a nice shade of orange, meaning they are quite busy. A quick glance at our monitors indicate CPU usage is high, and the culprit is Perl. That can only mean one thing: someone is pounding on Bugzilla.

Tailing the logfiles reveals it's not "someone", but actually "lots of people" -- and the most popular user agent is a combination of Eclipse Mylyn (HttpClient/3.0.1) and Java/1.x.x_xx, which is usually an Eclipse signature as well.

So if this Mylyn thing keeps increasing in popularity, we'll definitely have to look at some front-line caching mechanism for Bugzilla. Congrats to Myk and team for putting noticeable load on our servers! :-)


Anonymous Denis Roy said...

Actually, it's not the most popular. I lied.

On one server, of the last 400 CGI hits, 179 are from Mylyn. Still pretty impressive!

5:52 AM  
Anonymous Michael said...

I think an interesting observation to make here is that the default auto-synchronize for Mylyn is 20 minutes. For CVS, we turn off auto-synchronize by default because we knew if we turned it on we would flood CVS servers. I would suggest that a default 20 minute refresh is probably too frequent and that auto-synchronize should actually be off by default, especially considering that the bugzilla feature of Mylyn is secondary to the main purpose. Tat is, if I am using Mylyn to focus my tasks and happen to try the bugzilla query once, I'll be hitting the server every 20 minutes even if I never look at Bugzilla again. I've logged bug 196021 for this.

7:58 AM  

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