Thursday, August 30, 2007

DLTK, Pokemon and distasteful pictures

We get lots of e-mail in the webmaster Inbox. Lots. We try to be as helpful as we can we each request. Being a relatively new Daddy, I couldn't help going beyond the call of duty by doing a bit of investigation for this particular e-mail (addressed to dltk-dev-owner, the DLTK developer mailing list administration address):


I can not find another contact or email for DLTK – perhaps you can forward to those who need to know. This morning my 7 year old and I were printing pokemon pages

So far, I'm thinking: Pokemon? What the heck are the DLTK guys doing???

and got quite a unexpected and shocking surprise of a topless lady in your advertising on the right hand side of the web page.

Advertising? Topless? Now I'm really wondering what these DLTK people are doing.

Please have this removed asap or I we will not be using your sites ever again!

I've heard this before, but not because of distasteful pictures on our site.

Here is the link (we were looking for Charizard pictures, under Fire pokemon).

(link removed, but it wasn't

Turns out it was one of those advertising glitches on a site linked with DLTK Kids, created by what appears to be a family of four whose initials are D, L, T and K. Poor parent.


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