Thursday, August 16, 2007

How do you email? The results are in.

Yesterday I conducted a poll because I needed your opinion on a few things. I just compiled the results:

145 keep-top-posting-its-fine
85 bottom-post-otherwise-youre-annoying
So I'll keep top-posting, except in mailing lists and newsgroups for the sake of keeping the thread sane.

87 your-404-page-is-ugly-make-a-new-one
I thought so. I opened bug 200281 for this.

116 plaintext-email-is-good
58 go-HTML-for-email
Plain Text it is! (I have a feeling someone did some ballot stuffing)

55 email-is-spelled-email-not-e-mail
Gotcha. I'll spell it email from now on.

45 how-can-you-possibly-live-without-facebook
Just watch me.

34 I-dont-read-your-boring-email-anyway
Yeah, well, I read yours... All of it ;-)

7 thats-me-denis-I-want-beer
Hmm, these mapped to an IP address in Germany. I wonder who that could be.

1 plain-text-default-HTML-if-replying-to-HTML
Good point, thanks.

1 new-school-old-school--dude-you-rock
Why, because I can't build a decent poll system? Thanks, though!

1 hey-Denis-hope-you-are-doing-well____signed_RealJenius
Yes, I am doing well, thanks for asking... I'm guessing you're a friend over at EclipseZone.

1 GET-is-not-the-safest-way-to-conduct-a-poll-think-pre-caching
Um... okay then!

Other interesting facts:
71% Firefox; 9% MSIE; 4% Safari
77% Windows; 12% Linux; 6% Mac

Now wasn't this fun... Thanks for your feedback!


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