Friday, September 21, 2007

Project Meta-Data for

We had a system where projects maintained meta-data in an XML file in their web tree. That was good because it gave us much-needed information about the projects that we could use on the web site. But it was bad because it was hard to expand it, the projects had to maintain the files by hand, the error rate in the files was high, and correlating data between projects was hard. So we migrated all of that into a database over the last month and a half or so.

All of the project data from the XML files was imported. We updated all of the relevant pages on newsgroups, mailing lists, the /projects page, the timeline, the categories pages, etc to use the new system. Best of all we have built a new Portal component to allow project leads to maintain this data. So what kind of data are we talking about? Some examples are planned release dates, mailing list names, Bugzilla product names, blog RSS feeds, and on and on. We will undoubtedly be adding more as time passes but the idea is to make it easy for projects to describe themselves to us and to the rest of the community so that we can easily make information available on the web. Bjorn has put together some brief documentation on what the data is and how we use it, here. Now, project leads if you don't mind updating your data... ;)


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