Monday, October 15, 2007

Farewell to Asterisk

Committers and members had been asking for Asterisk for awhile and we spent a good bit of time implementing a conferencing server on that platform for the community. But, for many reasons, people don't seem to be using it much. Only 15 conferences have ever been scheduled by a project, unfortunately.

That alone is not a reason to discontinue supporting our conferencing server. But lately our server has taken to launching a fairly effective DoS against our dial-in service provider by making thousands of IAX queries to their server on random occasions. This requires an update and rebuild of the Asterisk server software, the associated kernel modules, and a re-packaging and re-deployment of the code. That's a substantial time investment for not much return, given the level of use. We have decided to cut losses and simply disable the server.

Wednesday this week will be the last day for our conferencing solution. Apologies to anyone who had plans to use it, but from the track record I doubt there are many (any?) of you. Certainly no one has a call scheduled.

Still, this exercise hasn't been a total loss. We all learned a lot about the joys and limitations of conferencing with VoIP. Cheers to those in the community who helped me get it up and running.


Anonymous Karl Matthias said...

Well we had numerous staff calls on it without issue. I think the main thing is that people didn't take seriously the absolute need for headsets with Asterisk. I wish it could have worked out better, but that's life!

In any case the server is now disabled.

2:46 PM  

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