Thursday, October 04, 2007

Innovation and community: a winning formula

It's simple math: Innovation + broken patterns = crisis
crisis + community = collaboration = solutions

I've blogged before about how the Eclipse servers fell victims to the success of Mylyn. When mid-September rolled around, people returned from vacation and the Europa Fall maintenance release occurred. Our download site slowed to a crawl partly due to the (now large) number of Mylyn users fetching our 950KB repository.

Although we quickly came up with a stop-gap fix, one enterprising community member (community collaboration again!) stepped up to the plate to propose some serious optimization:
- cut the size of the XML by 30% by stripping extraneous characters
- cut the size of the XML by 90% by zipping: bug 205416

While the fix is not a ground-breaking technology innovation, the community involvement is what makes an OSS community a great place. Heroes are born every day.

With these optimizations in place (and more to come), Mylyn no longer scares us (much). Special thanks to Maarten for getting his hands dirty.

[updated: I shortened this a bit]


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