Thursday, October 18, 2007

The VE project is hiring!

I was compelled to blog about Philippe Ombredanne's 'help wanted' posting in the eclipse.employment group. He's looking to fill four job positions for the VE project:

- build manager
- documentation manager
- support manager
- evangelist

Of course, none of these jobs actually pay money -- he's looking for volunteers. But despite the comedy, Philippe's call for help is no joke. Although many OSS projects are corporate-sponsored (especially at Eclipse), many projects, like VE, do need your help.

You don't have time to contribute code, bugs, testing or other resources on your own time? Think inside the box (you work for). If your employer is benefiting in any way from an OSS project (by increased productivity, no-cost tools, no-cost support, a community backing you up with help), convince them that you should put in a few hours per week to give back to the community. It's a small investment that can yield a direct return sooner than later, considering you can work on the features and bugfixes that will increase your productivity.

Philippe's enthusiasm and creativity are just what the VE project needs. He is single-handedly breathing new life into a project that became idle last year, shortly after Eclipse 3.2 was released. Think you can help out? Contact Philippe for a job now!


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