Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Beer-to-Peer networking, Part 2

You may recall Nick's B2P experiment conducted earlier last week. I am pleased to report that it was a complete success, as the first known implementation of the B2P network and UUBP protocol transfers have been successful (previous attempts were also known to be successful; ECF and platform-releng both sent beer remotely. However, back then, beer was transmitted via the now-ancient technique we called it e-ale, as B2P wasn't in vogue).

(images are inline)

I received notification of an incoming B2P packet, strategically placed on my keyboard. Time to jump into action.

The packet was examined, checksummed and CRC'd. It's addressed correctly.

No one tampered with this package.

A local address encapsulation was found. Portions of the packet need to be distributed to other peers, probably using UUBP support.

I attempt a UUBP transport using e-ale -- didn't work.

B2P over physical media works best. Here, I transfer portions of the packet (Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale) to Matt. Karl will need to use the PLANE (Pilsner-Lager Across Nations Exchange) transport to accept his portion of the package.

Success! Thanks to Nick for this B2P transmission! We'll be enjoying this very much!


Anonymous Kim Moir said...

I'm glad to see that this experiment was a success and that you're supporting Nova Scotia beer :-)

3:45 PM  

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