Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm going to EclipseCON!

I just booked my flight to EclipseCON, and I'm really looking forward to going this year. I missed last year's event because it competed with my daughter's 1st birthday, but this year they moved the conference dates specifically to accommodate me. Maybe not.

Have you seen this year's program? There's a lot in there for everyone, and for my line of work, I'll be looking into the PHP, DSDP and WebTools tutorials and tech sessions.

And something new this year: look closely and you'll notice AMD is a hardware sponsor this year. Details are still sketchy, but I'm hoping AMD will arrive at the conference with a bunch of servers (perhaps for a kick-ass on-site download mirror) and by Thursday they'll say, "Here, Denis, it's all yours."

Finally, and perhaps the best part of EclipseCON, I'll be able to use my new B2P networking skills in person. Nothing better than flexing elbows with Eclipse's finest. If you're a Friend of Eclipse, come see me and I'll buy you a beer (I'll be the guy wearing an AMD t-shirt for four days).

See you there!


Anonymous Neil Bartlett said...

Will it be the same AMD T-shirt all four days?

If so, I look forward to meeting you on Monday... but not Thursday.

2:13 PM  

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