Friday, January 25, 2008

The results are in

Yesterday I conducted a poll asking Friends of Eclipse what they'd like to do for EclipseCON. Don't go voting now -- it's a bit too late :-) Here are the results:

45: im-a-friend-of-eclipse-and-im-going-to-eclipsecon
Cool! Look me up, I'll likely be wearing AMDware all week (hopefully different -ware each day).

26: im-not-a-friend-of-eclipse-and-im-so-ashamed-of-myself
Yes, I understand. Redeem yourself and do good.

19: im-a-friend-of-eclipse-but-im-not-going-to-eclipsecon-someone-has-to-stay-and-get-work-done-while-yall-party

27: friends-of-eclipse-love-beer-lets-do-a-get-together-in-the-lounge-bar-denis-is-paying
10: just-carry-a-sixpack-of-cold-ones-at-all-times-ill-grab-one-when-I-see-you
The idea of carrying cold beer with me all day long had a certain appeal to it. Oh well.

17: friends-of-eclipse-would-like-to-wear-a-badge-at-the-conference-to-show-our-love
Bjorn? Is this a plausible idea?

20: a-friends-of-eclipse-tshirt-would-be-nice-too-how-bout-it-lynn-at-eclipse-dot-org-shhh-dont-tell-her-I-sent-you
Lynn? Ian? Is this a plausible idea?

33: you-guys-do-great-work-yall-need-a-huge-raise-without-you-id-be-using-vi-or-emacs-or-worse-ms-vs
This one goes out to everyone who makes Eclipse what it is, no matter how small the contribution is. You know who you are.

So there you have it. Excluding Gunnar's multiple responses (he's a bit of a keener that way), looks like lots of Friends are going to EclipseCON, and most of them like beer. I'll see if I can organize a Friends gathering -- stay tuned.


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