Wednesday, February 20, 2008

AMD servers piled in my office

Today was a happy day for me. I received the first four servers that AMD has donated to the Eclipse Foundation.

The servers came packed with 8GB of RAM and two Quad-Core Opteron processors to ensure speedy processing. The first server to be deployed will house the UDC MySQL database (which will likely be huge in no time). We'll be running all kinds of SQL queries on large datasets via a Birt reporting application.

We're likely going to deploy some units towards and Bugzilla. Those two sites get nearly 3 million page views/day of mostly dynamic content, and they need to be fast and responsive. I'm sure a few extra cores will help here.

Here's a picture from above. 4 GB per processor, with plenty of room for added RAM. Goodness abounds. I haven't load-tested the boxes yet, but with minimal load they seem to run surprisingly cool.

Thanks, AMD. What a great gift.


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