Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eclipse translations picking up the pace

I logged into Babel today to translate a few strings, and was happy to see things picking up:
French 1910
Portuguese (Brazil) 943
German 735
Spanish 342
Polish 330
Hebrew 318
Portuguese 89
Czech 74
Chinese (Simplified) 19
Japanese 9
Arabic 3
Norwegian 1
There's obviously lots of strings to translate, but if a whole bunch of us only spend a couple of minutes here-and-there, we'll get Language Packs in no time. While you're there, file bugs and enhancement requests against the translation tool itself using Bugzilla.

If the only other languages you write are PHP and SQL, we can still use your help by adding new features to the Translation Tool. Have a look at the Server Tool Developers' guide on the Wiki.Publish Post


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